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Noel Paschke - Ultrasonic Technologies

Industry pioneer, innovator, and leader Noel Paschke

has been creating clarity from confusion for dental professionals in powered instrumentation for several decades. As the only dental hygienist to lead the education teams at Dentsply and ACTEON, manufacturers of magneto and piezo ultrasonic technologies, respectively, her perspective is invaluable.
While Noel’s understanding of ultrasonic instruments and techniques is sweeping, her ability to engage, motivate, and inspire is also unique, coming from years as an instructor at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and Johns Hopkins University Medical School. She’s also a frequent speaker at dental schools, industry conferences, and hands-on workshops.

Among her impressive list of endless accomplishments, Noel is the first dental hygienist to:

  • Serve on the faculty at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore
  • Officiate as Speaker of the House of Delegates for the Maryland Dental Hygienists’ Association
  • Be elected an officer of the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Receive Linda DeVore University of Maryland Alumni Award

But Noel is more than just an amazing speaker, she’s an important contributor to dentistry. As she often says to colleagues worldwide, the best question to ask is “What if,” challenging dental professionals to imagine, create, and act. Noel is a leader and will dare and empower your attendees with the tools they need to do the same.


The 411 on How to Master Magneto and Piezo Ultrasonic Technologies

You Bought Me What?!
How to Use Ultrasonic Equipment You Never Learned in School

Worn Out
Danger for the Professional, Patients and Practice of Using Worn Instruments and How to Get the Instruments You Need and Want

The Perfect Marriage in Biofilm Decontamination
Powder Streaming and Ultrasonic Therapies

Note: Hands-on workshops are available to complement each course.

Dr. Harold A. Henson, RDH, MEd, PhD

"Noel uses her vast experiences from academia, corporate, and clinical practice to present ultrasonics from multiple perspectives. Her ability to make you think outside-the-box gives you a different lens on how to integrate the information into the real world of clinical practice."

Rachel Wall, RDH, BS

"Have you ever used a hula-hoop to understand amplitude in ultrasonic scaling? Get ready to have fun AND learn in Noel’s interactive, fun workshops."

Dr. Graham K. Meng, DDS, MS, FACP

"Noel is excellent at determining each clinicians’ skill level and tailoring her training to take them to the next level with advanced ultrasonic instrumentation skills. Our hygiene team loved the personalized approach during our hands on ultrasonics training. Noel creates an environment that is safe for questioning and learning, so that all members can gain the skillset and confidence to excel."

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